Our Story

My parent’s were eccentric adventurers, with a particular interest for rare and unique handicraft objects. From early childhood I was exposed to exciting travel that lead me to visit and share with different indigenous communities of Latin America.

Today through our company JAGUARUNDI, my children and I, are continuing my parent’s passion.

Jaguarundi’s mission is to promote globally Latin American handicrafts that meet high quality manufacture encouraging new generations of artisans and designers to seek inspiration in our traditional skills through innovative design.

I believe that all our Latin American ancestors shared a land without borders and were united by their culture and traditional skills.

Our purpose is to choose handicrafts of excellent manufacture uniting them to produce a unique object that represents our Latin American culture.

My children Federika, a graphic designer and Martín Felipe an Entrepreneur have helped me in making Jaguarundi a reality. We have a great team collaborating with ideas, developing beautifully designed products and believing in:

“Latin America United.”